Focus Pocus

As it’s the beginning of the year, I thought it would be a good time to remind myself and to all of our readers of our primary focus here at Prime Property Care.

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Nowadays everyone has got a lot of things on their mind, so many things to think
and often to worry about, that is why, one of our main focus points is providing peace of mind to our landlords. We achieve that by ensuring all of our properties are 100% HMO compliant.

We maintain and take care of all the aspects of the property. The landlord is always informed of any updates in relation to property and tenant management. We ensure that the gas and electric usage is reasonable – which is a very important aspect, especially this winter.

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And how about tenants?
Our main goal is creating a homely and safe environment. A place that is, and they can call their home. And we wouldn’t be able to do this without our amazing tenants.

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We provide homes to tenants that are safe, great quality, and simply beautiful
people. And our main focus is to assist them in maintaining their home so it stays
safe, beautiful and welcoming.

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And as for the HMO industry?
Well, here our focus is to be the best example of high standards and influence the
industry for the best. 100% compliant, beautiful and safe homes are our goal.
Properties that their owners are proud of and homes that tenants enjoy living in.

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Recently our work culture has changed and people spend a lot more time at home, especially during this cold winter, therefore having HMO properties that are a joy to live in, is a beautiful goal, I think.

And what is your focus for the path ahead?

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With Gratitude,
Ilva Pamovska
Prime Property Care Limited
“We create a homely environment for tenants giving peace of mind to our landlords,