FAQs by Tenants

Do you have any available rooms?

Please check our live status page with all available rooms. It has the most up-to-date information about all rooms that we currently have on the market.

How to book a viewing?

If you are interested in any of our available rooms, please book a viewing via SpareRoom website by sending us a message there OR alternatively send us an email to rooms@primepbs.com indicating which room you are interested in.

Are couples OK?

All our ads have information about whether we can accept couples or not. We have absolutely no problems with that, but due to HMO licensing conditions and restrictions based on room size, it may not always be possible. So, if you see on the ad that couples are not allowed, unfortunately exceptions cannot be made.

How to apply?

You must come for a viewing either in-person or virtually before applying. It is important we see you and you see us and the property/room before you apply.

Once you have seen the property and we both are happy with each other and you are happy with the room, we will text you a link to submit application form online (it takes just 5 minutes to complete)

You will then need to make a holding deposit payment (usually in the amount of £35, which will be accounted towards your first month rent)

What is your referencing process?

After receiving your application and holidng deposit payment, we will have a quick followup call to discuss your new tenancy. Then, we will send you a separate email to submit the paperwork for referencing, which will include the following checks:

  • ID check
  • CCJ check
  • Right to Rent confirmation
  • Proof of income (must be at least 2 times monthly rent)
  • Landlord reference

Once all the referencing is complete we will prepare tenancy agreement to be signed online.

What if I fail the referencing process?

We always advise tenants before starting the referencing what is required to pass the referencing. Unless you have miscalculated your income or you have any unpaid debt registered in County Court Judgement, you should be able to pass the referencing. 

What deposit protection do you use?

We use “My Deposits” custodial deposit protection which means that your deposit is held in the government deposit scheme and returned to you by the deposit protection scheme after the tenancy has ended.

What happens on my day of moving in?

On your moving in day you will receive the keys of the property and we will prepare a quick inventory of the room together with you and after that you are ready to moving in your belongings and set up your new home.

When do I meet my new housemates?

Very often you will meet some of your housemates during the viewing. We also always inform all your housemates about your moving in time and most of times all your housemates will come to say hi during your check in.

Will I get my own kitchen cupboard or do I need to share it with someone?

In all our properties each tenant has their own dedicated kitchen storage unit that will be shown to you during the check in process as well as your fridge space.

What if something breaks at the property?

Not everything lasts forever and it is just natural that things will stop working or break. As long as everyone looks after things this should happen very rarely, but if something does break, you can submit the maintenance query using the link we will provide you and upload photos so that we can assess the problem and dispatch an engineer to resolve an issue.

What if I don’t get along with some of my housemates?

All our tenants are grownups and we do expect from tenants to communicate between each other with kindness and understanding to resolve any challenges.

We find that often the cause of any challenges is the communication when tenants have not tried to address an arising issues with any other housemates.

Communicating the same way you would like to be treated is essential to resolve any challenges arising and we often find once tenants have resolved any challenges themselves it grows the friendship and respect in each household.

How to end my tenancy?

All our tenancy agreements are 6 month fixed agreements. To end your tenancy after the 6 month period you simply need to give us 6 week notice to end your tenancy by letting us know via email that we will provide you.

How long can I stay at your property?

Minimum 6 months and as long as you really need. Many of our tenants have been with us for more than 5 years, some even for 7+ years, so it all depends on your circumstances

There is no time limit as long as the landlord is not planning to sell the property. If the landlord would decide to sell the property we would always let you know at least 2 months in advance.

How many people share the same house?

It depends on the house size and shared facilities available. Typically house will be shared among 4-5 people. Most of our tenants are single working professionals, so, each tenant would have their own room. We do have some couples in rooms as well, but only if room size and common areas are adequately sized.

Very often our license conditions would allow us to rent to more people then there are rooms, but we would always strive to keep it to minimum and accomodate just one person per room to esnure everyone feels comfortable, has plenty of space and access to all facilities when needed.

What bills are included into rent?

Usually all bills are included, including broadband connection. We only have a handfull of properties where certain bills may come on top of the rent, but this would always be clearly advertised and communicated to all tenants well in advance of them making a decision. There is absolutely no hidden charges, agency fees or any other expenes associated with your tenancy.

Do you provide a broadband?

Yes, broadband is provided in all properties. We usually get the fastest package available in the area.