HMO Compliance explained by experts in simple steps

We recently did a small polling campaign on LinkedIn to see what are landlord priorities when it comes to HMO management and 85% of landlords confirmed that it’s compliance.

This is amazing as it shows that it’s important for landlords and that landlords are becoming more educated about the importance of it.

So what actually is compliance as many landlords believe it’s having the HMO license for your property and planning permission if required, but compliance falls far beyond that.

Here are few things that falls in HMO compliance:

The right property license for your property.

– Having planning permission if required (Article 4 areas or large hmo’s above 6 tenants).

 – Right amount of tenants living at the property in line with your HMO license conditions.

– All property certificates renewed on time. Gas, fire alarm certificate, escape light service certificate and electric certificate as well as Fire Risk assessment. And of course Pat, EPC, fire extinguisher service certificate too.

 – Displaying managers address and contact details at the property.

– Regular fire alarm tests that recorded and signed- Fire escape routes regularly inspected.

– Fire extinguishers serviced every year.

– Pest control management.

 – Regular recorded property inspections including bedrooms.

– Correct fire safe locks at the property- Deposit protected correctly and information provided to tenants.

– Deposit returned in line with regulations.

– Correct tenancy agreements for all tenants.

– Providing How to rent brochure to tenants.

– Displaying property license at the property.

– Providing tenants with all latest certificates (gas, EPC, electric)- Waste management information displayed for your tenants.

Tenant referencing process to prevent Anti Social Behaviors.

– Maintaining the property making sure it’s safe for tenants.

– Maintaining appliances making sure its safe- Gas, electricity and water supply at all times.

This really is a never ending list and I have mentioned just a few, but it’s just a reminder that compliance is not just an HMO license. 
We recently had council inspectors visiting some of our managed properties and we are grateful and blessed to receive a recognition from council about well managed HMO properties. 

There are many things that you must remember but with the right systems in place your HMO management can be very efficient and fun.