How to better understand HMO Compliance in simple steps

HMO Compliance is a term that is used very often in the industry.

When providing Professional HMO management services its essential to get this part right, there is really no place for any mistakes in this area, so I decided to create a simple checklist of what the regulations require for HMO Compliance.

Photo by Jana Shnipelson

As a rule of sum, as an HMO Landlord or manager, always follow the guidance of The Licensing and Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (Additional Provisions) (England) Regulations 2007 and your HMO License conditions.

Below is a list of certificates that are required for all HMO properties.
All certificates always have an expiry date on the certificate or the next date when a new certificate should be done. Sometimes engineers can issue a shorter term certificate if any works are required, so always read through all your certificates.

1. Valid Gas Certificate.
2. Valid EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).
3. Valid Electric certificate (EICR).
4. Valid Fire Alarm certificate.
5. Valid Emergency light test certificate.
6. Valid Fire extinguisher service certificate.
7. Escape light service certificate.
8. PAT certificate( Portable Appliance Test).
9. Fire Risk Assessment report.

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And here is additional checklist of what usually local council requires when doing the HMO Compliance audit besides all the certificates:

1. Regular Fire Alarm test records.
2. Regular escape light test records.
3. Records of the tenancy agreements.
4. Deposit Protection information.
5. Regular property inspection reports (for communal areas and for all rooms).
6. Tenant referencing details to prevent Anti Social Behavior.
7. Records of regular pest control treatments.
8. Proof of educating tenants about fire safety and actions in the event of fire.
9. Any maintenance/repair management records.

For the HMO property to be fully compliant the landlord or manager has to display their contract details and address at the property, display HMO license and display waste disposal information.

And of course, keeping the property safe, in good repair and a pleasant place to live is a must to be HMO Compliant.