S21 removal, will it bring chaos in HMO properties?

There have been many talks about removing S21 as possibility to end tenancies for landlords and these are truly concerning news for HMO Landlords.
But why is S21 so important for HMO Landlords?

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Most of the times, landlords serve S21 to tenants for a reason.
At Prime Property Care we give tenants 3 chances to improve their behaviors before serving S21. If of course depends on how serious the offence is, but we give always try to give chances for tenants to improve.

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It could be an issue with untidiness, communication issues, or having unauthorized guests, but most of times it is in relation of some form of breach of tenancy and antisocial behavior.
S21 is one of best ways to deal with antisocial behavior as it does not require any
witness statements from the other housemates.

Yes, sometimes people do change and improve their behaviors and habits, but in 70 % of the cases they don’t, and S21 is one of the most effective solutions to have a healthy HMO property. 
Now imagine S21 is removed.

This means that in case of any issues and tenant is not willing to cooperate and change their behavior S8 would be required. However, to issue S8 you would be required to provide proof of breach of tenancy and witness statements from the housemates.

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Now, I would not be comfortable with putting my tenants in such a dangerous situation, providing me with witness statements about their housemate’s antisocial behavior, because this person still must share a property with them.

Imagine cooking a dinner next to someone about whom me you have submitted witness statement that he/she has breached their tenancy agreement or been antisocial?
It’s putting so many people in unnecessary discomfort and danger.

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So how this will be resolved? I am very curious to see how this will unfold and how the government is intending to resolve this challenge before any chaos begins.