Tackling the utility bills

As the cold weather is approaching, we have prepared a detailed summary to our landlords on what we would recommend how to tackle the gas and electric price increases as in most HMO properties gas and electric bills are included in the rent.(Unless it’s a separate en-suite rooms where often would be individual electric meter which tenant is responsible for paying for).

So what is the main challenge with regards to gas and electric usage in HMO properties?

Well, mostly the biggest challenge is wasting the energy and having the heating on during the day when no-one is home, having high heating on high temperatures, washing half empty loads of laundry washing machines and dryers and not necessary lights on all day long…


So the most important goal here is to educate tenants what is a reasonable usage of the energy.

We believe that having a smart thermostat at home is a must this winter where heating can be set up on timer and switched off during the night to keep the temperature on 18 degrees at night and 20 degrees during the day at the times when tenants are home.


Having an A+ efficiency appliances is important too and will play a big role into this winters bills.

So the goal really is to create efficient properties and to educate tenants about reasonable usage.

This means making sure properties have good thermostats, LED lighting, efficient appliances and good insulation, and having conversations with tenants to raise the awareness of how to use the energy most efficiently.


We even know some great investors  going a million extra miles with things like infrared heating and we can’t wait to see many more ways how properties can become more efficient this winter.