Do you really want to sell the legacy you built for a quick pleasure?

Last week I received a very interesting email that took my attention and created some resistance within.

It was is lines of “It’s time to sell your but to let properties. It’s time to cash in and retire early. It’s time to start enjoying the life you’ve spent the last 20 years working to build. House prices are high. New Year is just around the corner, there’s no better moment than right now to take charge… “

Photo by Markus Spiske

So that’s it? Are everyone now encouraging properly investors and entrepreneurs to give away the legacy they have built all these years. The legacy that was built for generations to come and blow it all off? And all that just so an agent could earn extra commission before end of year?

Photo by David von Diemar

I think this was one of most selfish marketing emails I have ever received. It reminded landlords of a the stress a rental property creates. Of course it can be real when not managed by good professional. And it encouraged to give up on dreams, on legacy and long term vision. Just to cash in and live in short term luxury.

If property is managed by professionals, in line with regulations it is not a pain. And when bringing out its highest rental potential and rented to a good quality tenants, then having your property portfolio is nothing but joy and pleasure. Of course unplanned things can happen, like boiler repair, but being prepared for the unplanned is what smart property investors always do.

Photo by Andrew Neel

So don’t get carried away by someone putting a fear on you, get your properties sorted by excellent professionals to avoid any stress and focus on your legacy and long term vision.

Photo by Laura Fuhrman