Be outstanding with your HMO by regular and unique improvements

We hear this phrase many times over, especially in an entrepreneurial environment. But do we actually act on it?

In our PPC day to day routine we often ask ourselves “What could be done better and how can we improve?”

And one of the recent tasks identified by asking this question was the way we do our property reports.

As per HMO management Regulations the property condition reports have to be done on regular basis. However each council has different requirements for their HMO license conditions. Some have to be done every 3 months, such as Newham, some more regularly.

We are doing our property condition inspections in communal areas every two weeks. And whole property inspection every 3 months.

Even though we inspect our properties regularly, we have identified that our system for doing so was not the most effective. We were using paper reports that we filled in during the inspection and then scanned and saved in our system. This required a lot of manual work that was not the most efficient.

This is when we decided to find a way to improve ourselves by finding a new way of doing this. And I am glad we did.

We researched the market and found an amazing alternative.

We now use “InventoryBase” which is property inventory software which ensures all of the reports are neatly organized. We now use it for all our 3 monthly condition inspections, tenant check-ins, fire safety reports, alarm checks, communal areas condition reports etc.

This means all of the reports are in one place. All to do lists are easily ex-tractable and our HMO license condition compliance with the council has become a lot easier. Anyone from our management team can log in, extract what is needed and send it off.

And I have to add, that our landlords really appreciate the new condition reports as they can easily see the state of their properties, any further planned actions etc. and when our clients are happy, we are happy.

With Gratitude,
Ilva Pam