Supercharge your Business With Powerful Mastermind Groups

Have you ever experienced the power of a support group in business where everyone is interested in each member’s success?

Photo by Neil Thomas

I have been really blessed to be part of an HMO Mastermind group for almost 10 years now. The group consists of more than 10 very successful HMO leaders. Most of members have been in the industry for 5 + years, many 10 + years and some even 20 + years.

Many of us provide professional HMO services in the same area and yet we see each other as companions. Everyone in group share our ups and downs, encourage each other and share advice. And even great contractor details and recommend and refer tenants. The power of such a support group is enormous.

How Mastermind and Accountability groups helps you:

  • It motivates you to grow (if that is your goal).
  • The mastermind group helps you to solve problems quicker and ask advice when needed.
  • If helps to take action.
  • We keep each other on toes with all latest HMO regulations and updates.
  • The accountability group helps you to provide the best service to your landlords and tenants.
  • It helps to raise industry standards.
  • It helps to improve your business performance, the systems and automation.
Photo by Hannah Busing

And what is absolutely amazing about having such accountability group is that in this group no-one is competing against each other because everyone is supportive.

You won’t see things like you often see in the competing industries and advertisements “our washing powder washes better than Lucy’s” and the constant “we are better than…” battle between the companies. 

Photo by Eugene Lim

Leveraging the power of the Accountability group can be very helpful and powerful in achieving any goal and it doesn’t have to be a group of 10 people. It can simply be a group of 2 or 3 people who keeps each other accountable to the vision and goals and who have genuine interest in each other’s success, because everyone is committed to each other.

It creates friendships that will last a lifetime. We first formed our supportive mastermind group 7 years ago and most of us have cherished the friendships that have lasted more than 7 years and I am pretty sure will last much much longer.

Some of the members have changed their specialty from HMO to some other areas. Some have simply built their desired HMO portfolio size and are focusing on their hobbies instead, but yet we still stay great friends who support each other.

Photo by Helena Lopes

So if you have a chance joining such a support group, large or small, don’t hesitate and leverage the power of it and contribute with your expertise and knowledge.